In November 2013, my worst nightmare came to pass – one of my undergraduate brothers committed suicide. The Chapter was ripped apart – my wife and I could not stop crying for over 2 weeks – how could this happen? We held a memorial service at school and most of the undergraduate brothers attended the funeral in his hometown. When school resumed in January, everyone acted like that death was in the past but it was the “elephant in the room” that nobody knew how to address.

The University told us many of the women on campus were calling the Counseling Center and expressing their fears for the brothers who were abusing alcohol and drugs because they had no idea how to cope with their loss, a fact the Chapter President also confirmed. In April 2014, the University and Chapter President separately asked me if I would write a program to help the Chapter. With the help of 20 men from 10 different Chapters, we wrote the Chapter Roundtable/Circle of Brothers program. 

Program materials include:

  1. Leader Guide
  2. Participant Guide
  3. LifeBrothers Promise Card including Habits to be Healthy, Happy, Safe and
  4. Prompt Questions by a Ph.D. in counseling
  5. Depression/Suicide Warning Signs and Intervention by a Ph.D. in


In talking separately with the Camp Directors of two summer boy’s camps in North Carolina and Wyoming, each told me “The men you are speaking with during the school year become our camp counselors in the summer and have all of the same issues.”

As such, I revised the Chapter Roundtable program to adapt to a summer boy’s camp setting and schedule.

In addition to helping the camp counselors themselves, the principles provided are universal and help the counselors offer insight and guidance to their campers, most of whom are struggling with issues as well.

We can customize the Roundtable/Circle of Brothers Program for any affinity group.