“Thank you David. I got some very good feedback on your presentation from everyone. I’ve never received any positive feedback on a guest speaker before…”


“David, I truly appreciate your presentation. I’m still getting awesome feedback today. Guys are spreading your message on social media and with their friends. I love it.”


“David is able to get young men, who often have no one to trust or confide in, to consider and face important questions and issues that they often avoid in today’s confusing and conflicted world. David’s program emboldens them to embrace who they are and gives them the confidence to live meaningful lives.”


“David tackles the tough issues that young men face with truthful and honest information. It’s nice that they can be among their peers and learn from a great teacher who doesn’t sugar coat! They will hear the real deal and it’s impactful and effective! What they learn at LifeBrothers will stay with them for a lifetime.”


“I’ve witnessed a relationship that David has with my two sons that encompasses mutual respect, trust and loyalty. As a participant, I was educated and inspired (and sometimes confounded) by his straight from the heart, totally honest, program. David loves all of his LifeBrothers! He tells them that often…and he means it!”


“David has a unique way of connecting with young men and preparing them for life’s challenges in a most caring and compassionate way. For anyone with a young male adult, the presentation coupled with David’s unwavering dedication to these young men moving forward is unparalleled and can’t be missed!”


“David has answered the call…to tell every young man they are not alone and that there is no problem they cannot overcome together. David is meeting head on the failure of schools and institutions to address drugs, alcohol, sex and suicide. Take yourself and your son to hear this presentation and feel what it’s like to knock some walls down.”


“David has created a program and environment where young men can learn to navigate life’s hardships and become the best version of themselves along the way. It has been an incredibly refreshing experience being a part of LifeBrothers. It is a community that has, and will change the lives of countless men.”


“David offers a powerful speech that will help young men rethink how they act. Recently I lost a close friend in my fraternity. Once David heard the awful news he was there reaching out a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. LifeBrothers is not just an hour speech with David, it is a friendship that you can always count on.”


“David Hagan’s down to earth and relatable presentation is a great catapult into becoming a mature, respectable adult. David’s dedication and charisma toward developing young men to have a successful life is what makes LifeBrothers unique and inspiring.”


“I believe David Hagan’s LifeBrothers Power Point Presentation is something all college-age men should hear. The presentation’s message is especially important for this age group as it is at this age that people begin to develop their habits for life. The way he presents the message also allows for the audience to relate to him and not view him as just another adult telling them how to live their life. The LifeBrothers promise creates a safe atmosphere to talk about problems and allows for people to not be ashamed or embarrassed of what they are experiencing.

I believe this program has merit as it seems like more and more college aged males are ending their lives in suicide these days. LifeBrothers gives people a safe environment to open up and discuss their problems, and thus ultimately reduces the feeling of isolation that leads to suicides.”

Kappa Alpha Order, Past President
University of Virginia

“There is cathartic value in practicing the LifeBrothers program which transcends invisible barriers and creates a sense of mutual understanding where in other settings there is only competition. The object of LifeBrothers is to prevent self-destructive behavior patterns and to not only encourage healthier outlooks on life but to establish maturity in relationships by breaking through the social barriers prohibiting empathy.”

Kappa Alpha Order, Past President
Wake Forest University

“Through LifeBrothers, David allows you to face issues and situations that many young men seek to avoid because of the stigma of insecurity or weakness. David’s authenticity and his raw belief is truly contagious and gives young men like me the courage to become accountable to myself and to those around me.”


“Thank you David,

You have become an exceptional mentor to all the men that came to hear you speak. I have never had so many people approach me just to tell me how happy they were that we were able to bring you to UNA. You have made a major impact on these guys, and people are still talking about what you taught them that day. Nothing can compare to what you had to say that night. There has never really been a meaningful presentation on our campus about Life Issues and, if there was, I guess I’ve sadly already forgotten about it. Unlike other speakers, you had everyone’s attention for the entire time.

Thank you for being willing to talk about difficult topics so honestly. While some of your subjects had the potential to cause discomfort, it actually made the guys more comfortable because they have never had someone be so straight-forward with them, and it made them realize these subjects need to be discussed with their brothers. I know it was a wakeup call to every man there when you asked how many men have had a pregnancy scare and the number of men that raised their hands. I think every man will now take every precautionary measure before doing the deed.”

Sigma Chi
IFC Past President
University of North Alabama

“David’s program is truly one of a kind. What’s so unique about it isn’t so much that the individual pieces of information and advice are things students haven’t ever heard before by themselves, but rather, it is that his delivery effectively communicates his message to students as a holistic approach to simply living a better life. He presents to his audience not from the perspective of an expert or a lecturer, but instead he talks to them as friends.

No other speaker that I have ever seen delivers REAL advice to a group of students about REAL issues that are pertinent to men. His message is unfiltered and in-your-face about things that men deal with in their lives, and in my opinion, he hits the nail on the head by bringing those issues to the forefront of discussion and no longer allowing people to ignore them.

Many other individuals to whom I have spoken about David’s program say that ‘it was one of the best,’ ‘it really kept me listening,’ and ‘that was really helpful to hear.’ Few other speakers that I am familiar with get the same accolades. Furthermore, it is universally agreed from everyone with whom I have spoken that David’s willingness to connect with students on an individual level is unparalleled in the field. The fact that he actually wants to meet his students and help guide them to success speaks volumes about the sincerity of his message and his cause. I would absolutely recommend the LifeBrothers program to anyone who is looking to improve the wellbeing of their community, no matter how big or small.”

Theta Chi
IFC Past President
Auburn University

“As the 2015 Vice President of Programming for the Interfraternity Council at NC State, I was looking for a program that could truly give fraternity men the skills to be there for each other and help each other get through the struggles of life in college. David Hagan’s LifeBrothers program was far better than I could have ever imagined. This is the first program that I have attended in college that has genuinely made an impact on my life. After hearing it, I have become a more productive and confident student and leader, a better friend and an overall healthier and happier person. My relationships with my fraternity brothers, friends and family are stronger now that I have taken into account what I learned through LifeBrothers. The results are real. The program gave our IFC’s new members the tools to be a great brother and an even better person. I would absolutely recommend this program to all Interfraternity Councils and fraternities across the nation.”

Sigma Chi
IFC Past President
NC State University

“I had the good fortune of experiencing and witnessing the positive effects of the LifeBrothers program during my time in college. David’s presentation taught me that every fraternity man experiences pain and veils underlying issues. More importantly, it allowed me to recognize that I was no different. The LifeBrothers program helped me and my fraternity brothers confront personal issues, big and small, and become closer to one another in the process. Throughout college and beyond, I have never come across another discussion forum where all topics are fair game. It is truly liberating to know that a LifeBrother will never reveal the deeper issues that plague us, and I remain very grateful that I was exposed to this program.”

Kappa Alpha Order, Past Vice President
Davidson College

“The value of the LifeBrothers Promise is truly indescribable. I have made this Promise with David, as well as every brother in my chapter, and it has made a huge difference in how we interact. Knowing that you can trust your fellow LifeBrothers with anything weighing on your mind and heart has helped my chapter grow stronger mentally and spiritually together. Not only have I seen LifeBrothers change my life, but I have seen it greatly impact my fellow brother’s lives as well. David Hagan’s LifeBrothers program needs to be utilized by every single fraternity chapter in America to enhance their cohesiveness in this world of turmoil, and to teach them how to love each other as brothers just as their founders intended them to do.”

Kappa Alpha Order, Past President
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

“The LifeBrothers Promise presentation gave me ways to become an all-around better individual and broke down any barriers preventing me from discussing my problems and worries. I found the experience helpful and informative because I was able to connect with David as he presented the material. The presentation helped me understand that many young men have similar problems to my own and gave me a safe environment to discuss those problems.”

Pi Kappa Alpha, Past Vice President
NC State University

“The LifeBrothers Promise removes the social stigmas associated with “manning up” and with mitigating the negative influences that afflict us all. I’ve had many positive conversations under the promise, and the benefits to be had from simply talking about a struggle are staggering.”

Zeta Psi, Past President
NC State University

“Without the relationship I have with David, or LifeBrothers for that matter, I would not be the person I am today. I owe my life and support for this program.”

Phi Gamma Delta, Past Social Chair
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Every guy that I have been through the program with, I now consider a brother. I can call them to talk about anything and I don’t have to worry about being judged or ridiculed. Those guys will be there for me and love me no matter what.”

Delta Sigma Phi
NC State University

“LifeBrothers helped me realize I wasn’t alone. Other college age students were experiencing the same issues I grappled with daily. By opening up to my peers I realized that I could tackle real issues I was facing. LifeBrothers helped me better understand myself and grow closer to my brothers.”

Kappa Alpha Order
Wake Forest University

“David Hagan is a captivating speaker who can relate to a college audience better than any presenter I’ve ever seen. His message is genuine and something all men should hear.”

Sigma Pi, Past Vice President
IFC Past Vice President/Program Chair
NC State University

”I strongly recommend this program for your students, as I believe for some of our young men that this presentation was a life altering experience for a much more positive approach to college and beyond.“

Associate Head of School
Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg, VA

“LifeBrothers opened a door for honesty and helped to create a bond of friendship where I could feel comfortable discussing any predicament, resulting in a powerful relationship that fosters courage, consistency, openness, and unconditional trust.

As iron sharpens iron, LifeBrothers is a program where men sharpen men. Asking tougher questions, bringing to light troubling issues and holding each other accountable for personal development. It is a program that has proven to change lives with the ability to save them as well. Every collegiate male, regardless of fraternal affiliation could benefit from LifeBrothers and its quest for principled and responsible men.”

Pi Kappa Alpha
NC State University

“David Hagan’s intensely personable manner, openness about personal experience, and content are directly relevant to the life of the modern day college man…David truly believes in and cares about helping young men navigate the difficult road of young adulthood.”

Kappa Alpha Order
Davidson College

Following the loss of a friend I was left searching for answers and in a period of reflection about my own life. I always considered myself a good student, friend and person but felt that some of my habits were contributing to a waste of my potential.

After I met David and made the LifeBrothers promise I changed many of my habits to reflect healthier decisions and choices. Even small daily choices as simple as watching less TV, eating healthier, hitting the gym multiple times a week, sticking to a schedule, impacted my life in ways I couldn’t begin to imagine. I sent my Xbox and TV home with my parents and fully devoted my time to hobbies and tasks that would yield real, tangible results. My confidence and grades immediately rose but most importantly my relationships with others improved. Alternatively, I became a better leader of men and example for my organization during a time of chaos and uncertainty. All positive changes that had been preached to me throughout my life but not with the relatability David can convey to young men.

David preaches love above all else. He always greets you with a hug and leaves you with an “I love you.” He has an electric personality and a unique ability to relate to college aged men. Making the LifeBrothers promise and putting David’s words into action will lead men into places and experiences in their own lives that they never thought possible.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Appalachian State University