Charting a Life Course

Life Brothers® is a unique life coaching program aimed at promoting personal excellence in men.

Life Brothers strives to create an environment that fosters mutual trust, respect and learning and encourages habits for success.

Life Brothers is truly a two-way street through which Life Brothers can learn from each other and grow in the process. Regardless of any age differences, each Life Brother has life experiences and personal wisdom to share.

The most toxic force on our campuses today is the pressure to project an image of perfection – we believe we must be beautiful, smart, athletic and popular. Perfection does NOT exist – strive for Excellence. Let me show you how beautiful you are where it matters most… in your heart. 

To be fully known and truly loved

Life Brothers
Is About

  • Being brothers, not critics
  • Making better life choices and habits – to deliver our desired future
  • Accepting each other for who we are
  • Instilling personal best – not comparing ourselves to others
  • Building men up – our mistakes don’t define us
  • Watching out for each other through life’s highs and lows
  • We are our brothers’ keepers